Pastor's Pen

2 April 2017

The teen comedy Mean Girls depicts an American school where each person is divided into cliques depending on what they look like or enjoy. Most cliques don’t get along with each other and have their own sets of rules on what you should wear and talk about. If you don’t fit into these rules, then you could be forced to sit away from the group in the cafeteria and eat by yourself.

I wonder if the same could have been said about the way the Jews felt about Zacchaeus, the chief tax collector Jesus encounters in Luke 19:1-10.  The Jews probably wouldn’t sit down and eat with Zacchaeus, but that’s exactly what Jesus did. Instead of pushing Zacchaeus away because of all the wrong things Zacchaeus had done, Jesus instead said “I must stay at your house today.” Jesus came to seek and save the lost, he didn’t come to tell the lost to get lost!

Sometimes we tend to treat people similarly to the way the characters of Mean Girls treat people. We get so stuck on our rules and appearances that we don’t want to sit down with those who are ‘lost’ in our society. Instead, we follow the world’s ways and marginalise the marginalised, preferring to spend time with people who are the same as us in fear of what is different. If we truly want to reflect Jesus in our lives, then we need to extend His salvation to anyone who is listening and say “Yes, you can sit with us.”

May God be with you this week,
Anthony Jansen

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