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23 April 2017

So what is the Covenant of Grace?

Today we are considering the Holy Spirit's work and office in "The Covenant of grace".
In every covenant there are two parties.  And the very foundation of a covenant rests on the faithfulness of each party to the part it has undertaken to perform. Unfaithfulness on either side breaks the covenant.    God’s old covenant with Israel was contained in these simple words, “Obey My voice, and I will be your God” (Jer 7:23; 11:4): If they disobeyed they forfeited the privileges of the Covenant.

If any New Covenant was to be made that was everlasting and better than the old, provision needed to be made for securing the obedience of the Covenanted people, if God were ever to take His creatures into His favour and fellowship.
Praise God  for He has provided for our obedience through  a supernatural mystery of Divine  grace, a  Covenant  which does provide a guarantee for both God's and man's faithfulness. God Himself has undertaken to secure man's part as well as His own through the sacrifice of God the Son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit undertakes to apply the work to each believer. Let this truth free and bless you.

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