Pastor's Pen

30 April 2017

I read the other day about a couple who've been married for 75 years and have 6 children but, THEY'VE NEVER HAD A FIGHT!
I've heard these stories before and thought how great that sounds, but a psychologist friend thinks couples who say this might not be giving us the full story.

There are no doubt some couples who are so well matched their lives seem like a Disney fairy tale, but it’s also likely some couples don't fight because either one partner dominates the other, or because they bury their differences of opinion deep down inside...
Neither of these approaches is ideal. Differences, disagreements, robust conversations and even outright quarrel can actually be healthy ways of talking about the issues that need to be discussed in our relationships, families and yes our churches.
Let’s learn how to do this robustly and respectfully so that when others look us they don't say "I believe in God but don't like his people" but rather, "There's something those people have that I haven't got, and I want to find out what that is".

Pastor David

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