Pastor's Pen

14 May 2017

Happy Mother's Day to all of us who are mothers, or who have a mother, or who have had a mother.  Mothers are a wonderful gift from God.   We are shown the great love of God through the love of our mothers, and those of us who are mothers express God's love to our children.

Some of us miss our mothers who are not with us today.   Some of us didn't have that great a relationship with our mothers, and some of us wish that we could be mothers.   May God in his great love bless you today whatever your circumstances.

Today we start a new series based on the Crazy Love material of Francis Chan. He asks us today to "Stop Praying"!   Stop the ritualistic and habitual prayers that we pray into the air without thinking, and consider who it is we are actually praying to.   As the apostle John saw in Revelation 4, God is seated on his throne in his glory that is greater in splendour than precious jewels.   God exists in the presence of millions of angels and other worldly beings and is surrounded by fire and lightening.   Is that who we think about when we pray?

Pastor David

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