Our Vision

Transforming Communities through Love, Hope and Faith in Jesus

The vision we at Hallett Cove Baptist Church believe God has led us into is “Transforming Communities through Love, Hope and Faith in Jesus.”  There are certain understandings that we believe undergird a statement like this.  So to help you learn a bit more about us, we will unpack some of those understandings.

Firstly, we need you to know that we follow Jesus and that our main source of knowing Him is the Bible.  We also believe that He lives in us by the Holy Spirit whom the Father sent at Jesus’ request. This means that everything we do in transforming communities is focussed toward Jesus.
In addition, we want you to know that God really does love this world and those who live on it.  He proved this when He sent Jesus to be spent on our behalf, so that whoever trusts in Jesus can live with God forever.

We also want you to know that we believe we are living in a hurting world, one in which many people are finding life challenging.  We believe that the love and hope that comes through faith in Jesus makes a real difference to how we approach the challenges of life, both the ones to come and the ones that have already been.  By trusting Jesus we believe that we can overcome the hurts and brokenness that may have come to us through past circumstances.  

Finally, we want to tell you that God wants all people everywhere to know Jesus.  That’s why we want to bring Him into every community in which we live, work, worship and play.  That’s also why we want to show how much He loves us by living lives marked by love, hope and faith in Jesus.