Blokes Time Out

At the very core of the men’s program at Hallett Cove Baptist Church (HCBC) are two complementary ideas. Firstly the idea that God really does love people, an idea that God demonstrated so completely by coming and dying for us. The second idea is that when blokes get together and share their lives, they can become better men. 
One of the Bible writers also thought that was a pretty good idea when he wrote,

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

These ideas are at the very centre of Blokes Time Out, a service established in 1996 to serve men in the community.  The program currently has three steps. 

The first is a time where blokes can just hang out together with blokes while they do something.  It may be over an evening meal, a BBQ or a breakfast with a speaker; going fishing, bowling or to a local footy match.  It’s about men beginning to share life together.

The second step is our Growing in God (GIG) nights.  These nights expose us to an area of the Christian life and then encourage us to ask questions or make comments.  Men who come along don’t always actively participate.  It is OK to sit, watch and listen to others share while you just enjoy the company.  You don’t have to be a Christian; in fact these non-threatening evenings might just be the opportunity you need to ask questions to find out what being a Christian means.

The third step is our Sunday night Bible study group.  While this might seem a little intense or serious to some, any bloke is encouraged to come along and any question is taken seriously.  Like all of our steps in BTO, you don’t have to be a Christian to come along and share your life; just a bloke.  You are more than welcome.

For more information contact the Church Office : 08 8322 6469