As with any Church, worship is a vital part of our life together.  As a part of our worship at Hallett Cove Baptist Church, music plays an important role.  Our music team consists of a motivated and dedicated team of musicians and singers whose calling and passion is to lead the congregation, both in the morning and evening SNS services to worship God authentically.

Sunday morning worship at Hallett Cove Baptist Church is participatory and multigenerational.  This means people get involved in ministering to others.  It also means that the songs we sing are not only contemporary but also include hymns and ‘choruses’.  
Our SNS service is specifically formatted for a younger audience.  Not only is the music contemporary, but the style of ‘Church’ is designed for a contemporary audience.

We also host a Hymnfest on the first Tuesday of each month from 12.30pm to 3.00pm; a dedicated time of food, fellowship and singing that attracts many locals who just want worship our God in a way that speaks from their heart.

If you have any questions about music or worship services at Hallett Cove Baptist Church, or if you think you can bless our current team with your ministry heart, skills and abilities, please contact the church office: 08 8322 6469.  Better still, come and join us.