WestCare Centre

Five Sunday mornings a year a small but committed team of six or seven volunteers from Hallett Cove Baptist Church go to the WestCare Centre.  The WestCare Centre is a service provided by Baptist Care to serve the Inner Adelaide community. 
More than a thousand people a month use WestCare’s services that include homelessness, housing assistance and legal counsel, health support, free meals as well as drug and alcohol counselling.  

At WestCare you are confronted by the poverty and disempowerment that form the reality of some people in our community.  Yet at Tim Costello says, “Rather than being a place of despair, WestCare is a place of hope.”  As volunteers we are given the opportunity and privilege to serve, to provide meals to people and, when opportunity arises, and to connect with people at their point of need. 
We are God’s hands, eye, ears and feet.  Once there and you see that hope that the WestCare Centre provides, you also see the value in the small part you have played in the work being done there.  You are not prepared for how good you feel when the time comes for you to leave WestCare that day.

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